Joseph Davie, Mark Bannerman & Robert Powell

Our next show will open on <strong>Friday 17th from 6-8pm</strong> with a Preview featuring the work of three of the most imaginative artists working in Scotland today – <strong>Joseph Davie, Mark Bannerman & Robert Powell</strong>.

I first came across Joe Davies work in the Fleming Collection. It was a strange figurative piece titled "Forest Encounter" which immediately caught my attention. The looming figure was in outline with the interior filled with a colourful narrative of smaller figures toiling in a world of Joes invention. It was quite different to anything I had seen and remains quite unique. His work in this show is similarly beguiling. Themes ranging from faith, salvation, the tyranny of tv and media, chaos and order, maths and electricity, there is plenty to keep the inquisitive occupied.

Similarly, the strange world of Mark Bannermans art will keep the curious viewer both charmed and intrigued. Ive known Mark since art college days and have witnessed his early enchanting painting being set aside when he moved from traditional media to the digital world. It took time to learn the new technology and grow with its developments but Mark has harnessed the limitless digital possibilities and has now found the medium which perfectly captures his imaginative musings. Intriguing, often beautiful, usually cheeky, Marks work is always captivating.

Robert Powells work is extraordinary. Beautiful, meticulous etching teeming with life and humour. Somewhere between the dystopia of Hieronymous Bosch and the more humorous world of Wheres Wally, Robert weaves an intellectual narrative which explores the history of the world through art and science which ultimately encourages us to draw parallels with society today. His work has rightly won him numerous awards and he has already had several international exhibitions.

Its really great to have all three artists here in North Berwick.

As I mentioned, the show kicks off with a <strong>Preview on Friday 17th March from 6-8pm and continues until 17th April</strong>. Its sure to be an intriguing exhibition – I hope you can make it along.