Land and Sea

Land and Sea

28 January – 12 March 2023

Opening 28 January, refreshments from 2-5pm

Featuring the work of 9 landscape artists illustrating the variety of styles that can be enjoyed when contemplating the world around us. Artists are trained to study the world around us and those skills are honed over years of practice. Their work draws attention to features we might otherwise overlook and invite us to pause and ponder the natural wonder that surrounds us.

Paul Klee once said, “Art does not reproduce what we see, rather, it makes us see.” John Houston’s expressive landscapes looked, to me, at first quite abstracted but I have since noticed those ‘leopard skies’ over the Forth and was instantly reminded of his work.

It is a truly remarkably talented group of artists with a variety of styles, geographically covering the length and breadth…and depths of Scotland. There’s even a bit of Mediterranean sunshine to remind us of the summer months!

The exhibition runs from 28 January to 12 March 2023 with an opening on Saturday 28 January with refreshments from 2-5pm.

Dominique Cameron, Matthew Draper VAS SSA PS, Alison Dunlop RSW, Sam MacDonald, Robert MacMillan, John McClenaghen, Pascale Rentsch RSW, Ronald F Smith RSW RGI PAI & Christopher Wood RSW.

With ceramics from Sarah Lawson, Ronnie Fulton, Arran Ross and Jane B Walker.