Saturday 15 June to Sunday 18 August, Preview Friday 14 June 6-8pm

Mixed Summer Exhibition

Our next exhibition is a little longer than normal and spans two months over the summer and will feature a variety of gallery artists as well as introducing a few new artists who haven't shown with us before. At the moment the lineup includes work by; Sam Bain, George Birrell, Georgina Bown, Alison Burt, Dominique Cameron, Alan Connell, Ann Cowan, Joseph Davie, Carol Dewart PAI RSW, Fee Dickson, Aine Divine, Matthew Draper SSA VAS PA, George Gilbert RSW, Andy Heald, Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW, Stephen Mangan, Rachel Marshall, Hazel Nagl RSW RGI PAI, Jacqueline Orr RSW RGI PAI, Angela Reppin...

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