Graeme Wilcox

14 May to 26 June 2022


  14 May to 26 June 2022 Featuring work by Dominique Cameron, Nicola Carberry, Sandra Collins, Alan Connell, Paul Reid, Angela Repping, Joseph Urie, Graeme Wilcox and around 20 drawings by Neil Dallas Brown (1938-2003). A celebration of the art of drawing featuring work from 8 contemporary Scottish based artists alongside a collection of 20 drawings by Neil Dallas Brown dating from 1960 to 1981. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition with an introduction (repeated below) by Art Journalist, Jan Patience. If you would like a copy of the catalogue please contact the gallery. D...

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Arran Ross

16 April to 8 May 2022

Arran Ross – Odyssey

  An Artist's Journey 16 April to 8 May Introduction kindly provided by Dr Colin J. Bailey. Arran Ross: the Cyprus paintings Among the pictures, ceramics and bronzes in this impressive exhibition are many paintings (the majority) that were produced, mostly outdoors, during Arran Ross’s idyllic year-long residency at the Cyprus College of Art which started in October 2020. ‘Odyssey’, the inspired title of the exhibition, reflects not only the value of journeying in its own right but, more potently, the artist’s own voyage of inner discovery, in which the vivid Medite...

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June Carey

26 February to 10 April 2022


Printmaking 26 February to 10 April Featuring: Georgina Bown, Alfons Bytautas, June Carey, Hetty Haxworth, Henry Jabbour, Robert Powell & Jane Walker Also including work by John Bulloch Souter (1890-1972), James McBey (1883-1959), John Bellany (1942-2013) and John Houston (1930-2008). Also including new sculpture by Leonie MacMillan. Our next exhibition, Printmaking, brings together 7 contemporary, as well as few widely recognised 20thCentury Scottish printmakers, whose work demonstrates a number of different printmaking processes. Original prints are distinct artworks. T...

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Graeme Wilcox

27 November to 20 February 2022

Mixed Winter Exhibition

Mixed Winter Exhibition 27 November to 20 February Featuring: George Birrell, Georgina Bown, Dominique Cameron, Alan Connell, Michael Dawson, Fee Dickson, Matthew Draper, Michael Durning, Ronnie Fulton, Andy Heald, Alex Knubley, Simon Laurie, Sarah Lawson, Alejandro Lopez, Gerard Lerpiniere, Stephen Mangan, Rachel Marshall, John McClenaghen, Ian Neill, Pascale Rentsch, Paul Reid, Allan J Robertson, Arran Ross, Jayne Stokes, Karen Thompson, Damian Tremlett, Astrid Trügg, Elizabeth Vischer, Jane Walker, Graeme Wilcox, Christopher Wood, Darren Woodhead and more....

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Colin Brown

9 October to 21 November


9 October to 21 November Colin Brown, John Brown RSW, Alfons Bytautas RSA, Ann Cowan, Phill Jupitus, Simon Laurie RSW RGI and Alastair Strachan with ceramics from Karen Thompson. An exhibition to demonstrate how artists can use collage in different ways - to assist and inform composition, adding texture as well as in its more recognised form of creating an artwork from a variety of objects such as magazine clippings, coloured paper, newspaper texts, found objects...anything really. It is a fun, imaginative and thought provoking medium with a great history. The 8 artists we have pulled...

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Matthew Draper Sunrise with the Bass Rock

4 September to 3 October 2021

Bass Rock

Bass Rock 4 September to 3 October Featuring: Julia Albert-Recht, Claire Beattie, George Birrell, John Boak, Georgina Bown, Davy Brown, Dominique Cameron, Alan Connell, Ann Cowan, Fee Dickson, Matthew Draper, Michael Durning, Ronnie Fulton, Andy Heald, David E Johnston, John Johnstone, Suzanne Kirk, Simon Laurie, Neil Macdonald, Julia McNairn White, Rachel Marshall, Ann Oram, Clive Ramage, Gregory Rankine, Pen Reid, Pascale Rentsch, Arran Ross, Jayne Stokes, Astrid Trügg and Darren Woodhead. It has cast its spell over artists and writers such as Turner and Robert Louis Stevenson. ...

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