Pascale Rentsch

11 November 2023 to 21 January 2024

Winter Exhibition

Winter Exhibition 11 November 2023 to 21 January 2024 Reinhard Behrens, George Birrell, Georgina Bown, Chris Brook, Colin Brown, Davy Brown, Dominique Cameron, Thomas Cameron, Alan Connell, Joseph Davie, Fee Dickson-Reid, Matthew Draper, Michael Durning, Ronnie Fulton, Jennifer Irvine, Simon Laurie, Sarah Lawson, Neil Macdonald, Sam MacDonald, Linda MacKinnon, Donald Manson, Rachel Marshall, Alison McWhirter, Paul Reid, Pascale Rentsch, Kelly Stewart, Jayne Stokes, Astrid Trügg, Jane Walker, Chris Watkins & Christopher Wood. Please note our Winter opening hours for the duration of the ...

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Henry H Fraser

23 September to 5 November


  Henry H. Fraser, Komachi Goto, Simon Laurie RSW RGI, Stephanie Mills, Angela Repping, Peter Thomson & Graeme Wilcox with sculpture by Alejandro Lopez 23 September to 5 November Our next exhibition returns to the small group format, this time, focusing on the Portrait. One of the oldest art forms, portraiture recorded the appearance of individuals and was used to portray social standing, integrity, wealth and religious or political convictions. With the advent of photography, and today’s ubiquitous mobile phone, everyone can, to some degree, produce good portraits. Being able...

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George Birrell

24 June to 17 September

Summer Exhibition

Summer Exhibition 24 June - 17 September Our summer show features varied collection of work from a number of familiar gallery artists as well as a couple of new faces. Recently elected to the RSW and the RGI, I have long admired Saul Robertson’s intriguing narrative style, so I’m delighted that he is showing a couple of pieces with us this summer. Also showing with us for the first time is East Lothian artist Kenneth Blues Wilson who will be showing two local landscapes. For all those wild swimmers out there, we have two beautiful bronze “Sea Swimmer” sculptures by Jane Smith and an ...

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Dominique Cameron

6 May to 18 June 2023

Up with the Larks

Up with the Larks Dominique Cameron 6 May to 18 June "This is a landscape exhibition of process, from figuration toward abstraction. The works include a series of drawings from a traditional, single point of view and move toward a more painterly abstraction that owes more to storytelling, becoming a narrative journey through the landscape. The title – ‘Up with the Larks’ references my own curiosity in exploring  Scotland and the encounters in meeting and making new stories of our landscape." Dominique Cameron...

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Rosemary Beaton

18 March to 30 April 2023

Spring Exhibition

Opening on Saturday 18 March, we have brought together a great selection of artists for our Spring Exhibition including: Rosemary Beaton, George Birrell, Georgina Bown SSA, Davy Brown, Nicola Carberry, June Carey RSW RGI PAI ASWA, Carol Dewart PAI RSW, Matthew Draper SSA VAS PS, Alison Dunlop RSW, Michael Durning PPAI PAI RSW, Andy Heald, John Johnstone, Sarah Lawson, Ged Lerpiniere, Neil Macdonald RSW RGI PAI, Stephen Mangan, Alice McMurrough RSW RGI PAI, Heather Nevay RGI, Paul Reid, Naoko Shibuya, Alastair Strachan, Jayne Stokes SSA, Peter Thomson & Helen Wilson RSW RGI PAI. We wi...

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Alison Dunlop

28 January to 12 March 2023

Land and Sea

Land and Sea 28 January – 12 March 2023 Opening 28 January, refreshments from 2-5pm Featuring the work of 9 landscape artists illustrating the variety of styles that can be enjoyed when contemplating the world around us. Artists are trained to study the world around us and those skills are honed over years of practice. Their work draws attention to features we might otherwise overlook and invite us to pause and ponder the natural wonder that surrounds us. Paul Klee once said, “Art does not reproduce what we see, rather, it makes us see.” John Houston’s expressive landscapes looked,...

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