Henry H. Fraser, Komachi Goto, Simon Laurie RSW RGI, Stephanie Mills, Angela Repping, Peter Thomson & Graeme Wilcox with sculpture by Alejandro Lopez

23 September to 5 November

Our next exhibition returns to the small group format, this time, focusing on the Portrait.

One of the oldest art forms, portraiture recorded the appearance of individuals and was used to portray social standing, integrity, wealth and religious or political convictions.

With the advent of photography, and today’s ubiquitous mobile phone, everyone can, to some degree, produce good portraits. Being able to get beyond a likeness, however, and instilling an emotion or prompting a reaction with the viewer, really exploring the essence of the human condition, takes portraiture to an entirely different level.

We have invited 8 artists who have very different approaches to portraiture and figurative art. The group have produced a varied, interesting, and thoughtful collection which I am sure you will enjoy.

The exhibition opens at 11am on Saturday 23 September with refreshments served between 2 and 5pm when several of the artists will be around to discuss their work.