Ian Cook RI RSW – Compass Points – Works from Two Continents at Two Galleries

Artwork inspired by global travel and a thirst to study diverse cultures will be on show at two Scottish galleries this March – here at Fidra Fine Art in North Berwick and simultaneously at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.

Ian Cook’s “Compass Points” is not simply about travel but a genuine curiosity into the life and culture of the world’s indigenous peoples. What started out as a means to seek out creative inspiration for his work, travel has imbued Ian with a deep sense of compassion and tolerance towards other cultures. An empathy that is strongly apparent in his work.

In his own words…

“Virtually all the works in these two exhibitions originate in source and statement from Central and South America and Central Europe. They are a fusion of past and present elements, consisting in some part of biblical/mythical references and contemporary syndromes. Some of them personify man’s relationship with the land he arrogates or the animals he tends; others pertain to folklore and ancient cultural beliefs that still resonate in today’s society. For these reasons the human figure, in its search for greater spiritual understanding and enlightenment, prevails throughout the works.”

Ian’s work is difficult to pigeon-hole. Artistic influences range from Max Beckmann and other North European expressionists to Willem de Kooning and Edward Hopper. W. Gordon Smith in a glowing review of a major exhibition of Ian’s work of 120 paintings in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, probably best described Ian as a “figurative expressionist” which gives those not familiar with is a work an idea of what to expect.

It is entirely appropriate that such a large body of inspirational work, sourced from extensive travels can be exhibited simultaneously at two galleries spanning the breadth of Scotland. The show at House for an Art Lover is as a result of a prize awarded to Ian for work at the RSW Exhibition in 2015 and by collaborating with Fidra Fine Art in North Berwick, Ian is able to exhibit a broader range of work to a much wider audience.

We will be hosting an Opening here at Fidra Fine Art on Saturday 5th March from 12-5pm which we hope you can join us at. The exhibition will run from 5th March to 10th April here in North Berwick.

The exhibition at House for an Art Lover will run from 8th March to 18th April. An Opening evening will be held at House for an Art Lover on Thursday 10th March from 6-8pm.