26 February to 10 April


Georgina Bown, Alfons Bytautas, June Carey, Hetty Haxworth, Henry Jabbour, Robert Powell & Jane Walker

Also including work by John Bulloch Souter (1890-1972), James McBey (1883-1959), John Bellany (1942-2013) and John Houston (1930-2008).

Also including new sculpture by Leonie MacMillan.

Our next exhibition, Printmaking, brings together 7 contemporary, as well as few widely recognised 20thCentury Scottish printmakers, whose work demonstrates a number of different printmaking processes. Original prints are distinct artworks. The end result, achieved through rigorous technical and creative processes, is as imagined and intended by the artist. They are not reproductions of other artworks, such as photographic copies of paintings.

Printmaking offers the art buyer, not only beautifully aesthetic artworks but a medium that can have such a nuanced variety they become irresistible to the collector.

Original prints are a great way to start a collection of original art. Beautiful pieces in their own right, they also offer affordable access to the work of artists who might otherwise be out of reach. An understanding of the technical process and the creative consideration applied to each artwork is key to appreciating this art form. I hope this exhibition will be as informative as it is visually stimulating.