Spring Exhibition

Opening on Saturday 18 March, we have brought together a great selection of artists for our Spring Exhibition including:

Rosemary Beaton, George Birrell, Georgina Bown SSA, Davy Brown, Nicola Carberry, June Carey RSW RGI PAI ASWA, Carol Dewart PAI RSW, Matthew Draper SSA VAS PS, Alison Dunlop RSW, Michael Durning PPAI PAI RSW, Andy Heald, John Johnstone, Sarah Lawson, Ged Lerpiniere, Neil Macdonald RSW RGI PAI, Stephen Mangan, Alice McMurrough RSW RGI PAI, Heather Nevay RGI, Paul Reid, Naoko Shibuya, Alastair Strachan, Jayne Stokes SSA, Peter Thomson & Helen Wilson RSW RGI PAI.

We will open as usual at 11am on Saturday 18 March but refreshments will be served between 2 & 5pm.