Land & Sea – Kirstie Behrens, Andy Heald & John McClenaghen

Land & Sea

Kirstie Behrens, Andy Heald & John McClenaghen

27 January to 3 March 2024

Our first exhibition of 2024 features the work of three landscape artists.

John and Andy’s work is very expressive and largely worked en plein air, responding to the changes in the environment around them. Their work focusses on the landscape around the coast of East Lothian so it will be interesting to see how they approach a similar subject in a similar way.

Kirstie’s work is a real contrast to the expressive painting of John & Andy. Kirstie’s collection of etchings evolve from drawings and paintings on location and then worked on back in the studio before committing the drawing to the plate and the subsequent alchemy of the printing process. Her etchings in this exhibition feature the rugged Highland landscape as well as some of the woodland near her home in Fife.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 27 January at 11am and refreshments and a chance to chat to the artists from 2-5pm.

Hope you can make it.