Dominique Cameron – The Wood


1-30 September

Private View – 31 August 6-8pm

Dominique Cameron spent nine months in a wood in Fife, not every day, but at least once a week walking, drawing, writing and painting this most complicated of spaces. Here the landscape snares, entangles, along paths where the light flickers and pools of shadows sharpen the senses. From Winter to Spring and early summer she charted the changes through ice and snow, rain, wind and sun, painting, amongst other things large scale works on paper on the woodland floor, attempting to articulate the nature of trees in all their constant movement of bursting, greening, flowering, falling. During this time she too became part of this landscape, not so much a visitor but more tenant of this small patch of Scottish woodland.

‘I have mapped my path through this wood….. It has become another kind of home, where I have got to know a little more of the lives that are lived here. I have loved every moment.’