27 April to 9 June



27 April to 9 June

Featuring painting by Chris Brook RSW, Dominique Cameron RSW, John Kingsley DA RSW PAI, Simon Laurie RSW RGI & Ronald F Smith RSW RGI PAI and 3d sculptural work by Ailsa Magnus MRSS & Lorraine Robson VAS SSA.

Opening at 11am Saturday 27 April with refreshments and meet the artists from 2-5pm.

Our next exhibition is quite a contrast to the detailed drawing and representational nature of the work by the 5 artists in 5@Fidra. Any narrative in the work in Abstracted, might be less clear but will appeal more to memory and emotions.

In this exhibition most of the work bears some representational connection with the subject but all have been distilled into a simpler, purer and expressive interpretation.

A skillful combination of form, composition and colour balance in the painting of Chris Brook, Dominique Cameron, Simon Laurie and Ronald F Smith alongside the more expressively abstract riots of colour by John Kingsley.

First time showing at the gallery, Lorraine Robson’s beautiful 3D, ceramic, wall hanging, organic relief sculptures evoke a real sense of calm and connection with the natural world.

The organic inspiration continues in Ailsa Magnus’s free-standing wooden forms. These timeless native hardwood sculptures are both beautiful and irresistibly tactile.