Saturday 16th April to Sunday 15th May. Preview Friday 15th April from 6-8pm.

Silent Spaces – Cate Inglis, Jayne Stokes & Thomas Cameron

We are often encouraged to look up so as not to miss the world around us – skyscapes in the countryside or the often missed architecture of the city. The artists in our next show encourage us to pause and take another look at the urban landscapes we pass through each day. Each with a different style, all three urge us to look for beauty and charm in places or situations we might otherwise pass by.

We are delighted to welcome three hugely talented artists who are really beginning to make a name for themselves and who are regularly showing and winning prizes at the RSA, RGI and PAI.

Cate Inglis, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, has just completed her first solo show at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh. Cate’s interests lie in the transient nature of the urban environment, in particular the often melancholic and nostalgic beauty that can be found with neglected buildings that once thrived with life but now lie forgotten and derelict.

Jayne Stokes from North Berwick, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, is similarly inspired by the fleeting relationship we have with our environment. Often drawn to studying places that have perhaps seen better days, Jayne also manages to convey a feeling of nostalgia for the personality and character of now overlooked places.

Thomas Cameron graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee in 2014 and had his first solo show at the Sutton Gallery in Edinburgh last year. Everyday scenes that go unnoticed in our busy lives are also the source of Thomas’s inspiration. His skillful handling of light and thoughtful composition can apply a dignity to an urban landscape that might otherwise have been lost. Influenced by film, he likens his paintings to still frames with the suggestion of a narrative, although often devoid of figures, life never seems far from view in his work.

The show opens with a Preview on Friday 15th April from 6-8pm and continues until Sunday 15th May.