Saturday 22 April to Sunday 14 May - PV Friday 21 April 6-8pm

Mixed Show – April / May 2017

Our next exhibition is a Mixed Show and will feature a great selection of work by some of the best Scottish artists, both working today and from the past 100 years or so.

We are looking forward to showing some great new work by George Birrell, Astrid Trügg, Jonathan Hood, Andy Heald, Fee Dickson, Alan Connell, Arran Ross, Allan J Robertson, Jayne Stokes, Georgina Bown, Angela Repping, Rachel Marshall, Patti Yuill, Joseph Urie, Gordon M Scott, Jean Laing as well as older pieces by great Scottish artists such as Earl Haig, John Houston, Patrick William Adam and many more.

We will kick off with a opening evening with refreshments on Friday 21 April 6-8pm…hope to see you there.