Title: Vicuna Hunter
Size: 91.5cm x 91.5cm
Medium: Acrylic & Collage on Canvas

Additional Information
Provenance: Thackeray Gallery, London. Frame: 2" gold frame with a rubbed black and red effect over a 3" gold leaf effect inner. Because of its very fine wool, the Vicuna has always been an important resource for trade in South America. The Inca considered it illegal for anyone but royalty to wear Vicuna clothing.

Price: £2500

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About the Artist

Marj Bond studied drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art, tutored by Alex Dick, David Donaldson, Mary Armour and Benno Schotz and their expressionist principles are perceived in her work. Bond has also taught in the Outer Hebrides, Inverness and Perth.
Though firmly based in Scotland, living and working in Fife, Bond’s work is inspired by her travels to India, Morocco, Spain and Cuba and the symbols and colours from these places. Her sketches and photographs of temples, fossils, kasbas and celtic symbols are edited on to canvas and paper and transformed into her personal glyphs and marks. Over the years, Bond has gained many awards, prizes and important commissions and has shown in major exhibitions throughout Britain. She is an elected member of the Scottish Society of Artists, and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.
Marj Bond has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Thackeray Gallery, London, Scottish Art Molle, Sweden, Los Angelese Art Fair (Thackeray/Tatischeff), Seven Scottish Painters, Solomon Gallery, Dublin, Virginia Lynch Gallery, Rhode Island, USA, Triennial Mondiale D’Estampes, Chamalieres; Lemon Street Gallery, TruryHer work is to be found in a wide variety of collections, including Edinburgh University; Shepherd and Wedderburn; the Carnegie Foundation Trust; Perth Art Gallery; Art in Hospitals; St John’s Hosptial, Livingstone; Paintings in Hospital, Ninewells; Proctor and Gamble.
Bond has three works in the National Collection, which are to be found at the University of Edinburgh Fine Art Collection.