Title: Note to Self
Size: 60cm x 80cm
Medium: Oil on Raw Linen

Price: £4250

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About the Artist

Steven Lindsay studied painting at Glasgow School of Art in the 80’s. On leaving he embarked on a successful career as a recording artist in the music industry, returning to his first love painting in 2011.

Although obviously from the European figurative tradition, he brings a contemporary and exciting take on that genre. The drawing and brushwork is classical yet used in an utterly modern context, sometimes demanding, sometimes humorous and always thought provoking.

The work is now held privately and publically in collections across the UK, Europe, North America and the Far East.

Estelle Lovatt, the art critic featured on the BBC Radio 2 Arts Show described his work as:

“Like revisiting Vermeer in the Dutch Golden Age of painterly skill against the Colour Field of Rothko, all intertwined with an aesthetic twist of contemporary, complex-simplicity. Lindsay using his paintbrush eloquently, capturing painterly conversations between the art history giants of a bygone age and a bygone art.”