Karen Thompson
Title: Seaweed & Cross Platter
Size: 19cm diameter
Medium: White Stoneware

Additional Information
Hand crafted, stamped, coloured and glazed...unique.

Price: £110

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About the Artist

Inspired by the built environment, I incorporate pattern, surface texture, forms and colour accents into my ceramics, which are found within contemporary architecture.  Recent work has involved exploring geometric surface decoration and imagery from the natural world, within the same piece. My aim is to explore the inherent dialogue created between seemingly opposing elements and to have both working in harmony, within form and surface.

Currently showing in Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders and Harrogate.

Materials and Techniques

Works are slab-built and treated with surface textures, which are joined and manipulated to create vessel and platter forms.  Surfaces are stamped and printed using my own photographs, which have been manipulated, then added using screen-printing and lithographic techniques.

Colour is applied using coloured slips, metallic oxide washes, underglaze and glazes.


For me, collage is a way to further explore the application of additional layers of meaning and textural interest to my work, through the combination of image and surface treatment.  I use my own photographs on the ceramic surface to create a dialogue between imagery that may or may not relate.