Title: Raising a Hoolie
Size: 74cm x 64cm
Medium: Ceramic

Additional Information

Raising a Hoolie

“It was a savage and dangerous time to be a healer, a midwife, a dissident, or a bit eccentric. In 1590 in North Berwick many local residents, mostly women were persecuted for attempting to sink the ship bearing King James VI and his Danish wife Anne. Supposedly witchcraft was used to summon a storm…’Raise a Hoolie’

The story is fantastical and horrific with ridiculous charges made against the accused, most of whom were tortured into outlandish confessions and executed.

The eclectic mix of people, liberal attitude and many eccentric characters contribute to the joy of living in contemporary North Berwick. I am not sure if many of my friends and neighbours would have survived in the 1590’s.

‘Raising a Hoolie’ is a tribute and a memorial to Agnes Sampson, Euphame Mac Calzean, Barbara Napier and hundreds of other persecuted victims of paranoia. This expressive sculpture incorporates high fired ceramic figures mounted on a salvaged piece of a decommissioned fishing boat from Dunbar. The curve from the gunwale suggests a boat form and leaving the steel fixings in situation conveys function and gives textural contrast to the ceramics and patinated wood.”

Ronnie Fulton

Price: £1200

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About the Artist

After studying Ceramics at Glasgow School of Art from 1976-80 I have always maintained a connection with clay. As a teacher, lecturer and potter I have worked in various places before coming to North Berwick in 2005. Throughout my career my fascination with the sea has been a constant, as has my love of working with clay. I hope that the enjoyment which I derive from this wonderful material is reflected in the work on display.

All work is fired to 1220 degrees C and decorated with coloured slips and glazes.