Title: Princes Street Buses
Size: 47cm x 30cm
Medium: Acryic & Emulsion


About the Artist

Born in Sheffield in 1970. After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in illustration followed by a PGCE from The London Institute Of Education, she spent eighteen years as a full time teacher of art in London, Derbyshire and Edinburgh, before taking a career break to become a mum. It was then that Rachel developed a simplistic style, using emulsion and acrylic, to re-create as paintings, the drawings and doodles she makes daily in her many sketchbooks.

Her work in this flat, illustrative style is inspired by a love of observing life as it happens, (sometimes with a bit of added imagination). Rachel’s work intends to capture little snippets that make her smile, the simplicity of routine, and the familiar sights we see at a glance, and might recognise.