Title: The Fateful Flight of Vincenzo Lunardi
Size: 61cm x 81cm
Medium: Oil on Board

Additional Information
Vincenzo Lunardi (1754-1806) was a pioneering Italian aeronaut. He made five flights in Scotland in his Grand Air Balloon. His first flight took off from  George Heriot's School in Edinburgh and made the 46 mile flight across the Forth to Coaltown of Calling in the parish of Ceres in Fife. A flight on 20 December 1785 was so successful. 70 minutes after taking off from Heriot's Hospital in Edinburgh, Lunardi was forced down into the Firth of Forth. Fortunately he was saved by a passing fishing boat that docked in North Berwick. The diary of Rev, John Mill from Shetland states... 'A French man called Lunardi fled over the Firth of Forth in a Balloon, and lighted in Ceres parish, not far from Cupar, in Fife; and O! how much are the thoughtless multitude set on these and like foolish vanities to the neglect of the one thing needful. Afterwards, 'tis said, when soaring upwards in the foresaid machine, he was driven by the wind down the Firth of Forth, and tumbled down into the sea near the little Isle of May, where he had perished had not a boat been near who saved him and his machine.' Ref: Wikipedia - Vincenzo Lunardi for more information


About the Artist

Artist Statement

I am drawn to locations which exert historic and mythic presence. I explore the lyrical narrative of natural sites and strong bold shapes of castles, old townships and harbours. I do this through distortion of perspective, invention and editing, aiming to capture an essence of the structure or place. Colour is used in an emotive way to heighten the sense of mood.
I apply each layer upon layer of paint in a divisionist manner. Slowly I realise a unity of statement as the image emerges, revealing the subject’s unique sense of place.

Art Training

1975-1979 - Glasgow School of Art - BAHons
1979-1980 - Glasgow School of Art - Post Graduate Studies
1978 - Hospitalfield Art College Summer School


2013 - Elected RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour)
2013 - Joe Hargan Award, Maclaurin Fine Art Exhibition, Ayr
2013 - Elected RGI (Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts)
2012 - The Smithy Gallery Award (PAI)
2012 - Diploma of the Paisley Art Institute
2011 - Robert Innes Award - Scottish Drawing Competition
2009 - Discerning Eye,London- Scottish Regional Winner
2009 - Charles Jamieson Award PAI
2008 - University West Scotland Award PAI
2006 - EDC Ann Stevenson Memorial Award
2005 - EDC Purchase Prize
1997 - Contemporary Art Prize (Eton) PAI
1981 - David Cargill Travelling Scholarship (Italy and Belgium)
1979 - William Shanks Painting Prize


2011 - Solo Exhibition, Mansfield Park Gallery
2011 - Two Person Show with Alice McMurrough, Auld Kirk Museum
2010 - Glasgow Art Fair, Mansfield Park Gallery
2009 - Two Person Show with Alice McMurrough, Kelly Gallery
2007 - ‘Seven’- Kelly Gallery,Glasgow
2004 - ‘Five’- Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
2002 - ‘Seven’- Kelly Gallery,Glasgow
1999 - Vallico in Arte Exhibition, Tuscany
1994 - Two Person Exhibition- Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
1990 - Solo Exhibition- Kelly Gallery, Glasgow
1983 - Solo Exhibition- Corners Gallery, Glasgow
1983 - Solo Exhibition- English Speaking Union, Edinburgh
1982 - Solo Exhibition- GSA Museum

Group Exhibitions

1987 - ‘A Great Song and Dance’- Scottish Arts Council Travelling Gallery
1986 - ‘Six Scottish Artists’- Houston, Texas
1985 - ‘Mixed Exhibition’ Contemporary Art Fair(Maine Fine Art), Bath
1984 - ‘Face to Face’ Lillie Art Gallery Milngavie

Artist Member and Committee member of Paisley Art Institute. Artist member Glasgow Art Club.
Exhibit regularly in RGI and RSA.