Title: Winter Fields
Size: 14.3cm x 14.3cm
Medium: Mixed Media Collage (Unframed)

Additional Information
Field Studies - Linda MacKinnon My artwork is primarily influenced by the landscape around me. This year I have been responding to the patterns created by the vast and varied fields of East Lothian Their contrasting shapes, textures and colours knit harmoniously together whether in Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn. I think we cannot fail to respond, each in our own way, to this rich tapestry.

Price: £180

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About the Artist

Linda MacKinnon is a Scottish artist living and working in East Lothian.

She studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art and worked as a teacher for several years. In 2000, combining her art training with a passion for plants, she established and ran a busy garden design practice in the area for the following 17 years.

Throughout this period she attended printmaking courses at Edinburgh Printmakers and Leith school of art and participated in group exhibitions around Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Today, printmaking forms the basis of her art practice. Using and combining various techniques and substrates to produce a wide range of collage papers with which to ‘build’ each unique piece.
Inspiration is found in nature’s naturally occurring patterns as well as in linear structure and architectural forms.

She exhibits predominantly at Number Four Gallery.