Title: Jura & Gigha from Cleit
Size: 36 x 40 inches
Medium: Oil on Linen

About the Artist

Education/Professional Development

2016 Diplomate, PAI
2013 Elected member, RGI
2007 Elected member, RSW
1988 MSc, University of Glasgow
1983 BA(Hons), Glasgow School of Art

Professional Experience

I have been a professional artist for nearly 20 years and I am also an elected member of the Royal Scottish Society Of Painters In Watercolour, the Royal Glasgow Institute Of The Fine Arts and Paisley Art Institute.

I tend to be drawn to subjects that visually stimulate me. In addition, the process and the craft of making paintings are very important to me, so draughtsmanship, mark making, composition and the intelligent use of colour are all key tenets of my work. I try to make best use of these tools to create rich and dynamic paintings.


2012 Mackintosh Residency, Collioure
2009 Riverside Gallery Exhibition Award (RSW) 2009 Joe Hargan Award (PAI)
2008 Alexander Graham Munro Award (RSW) 1996 Armour Award (RGI)
1995 James Torrance Memorial Award (RGI) 1983 Armour Prize (GSA)