Title: Mindless
Size: 45cm x 30cm
Medium: Stoneware

Price: £550

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About the Artist

Jane Walker

Inspired by coastal life, sandy and stony beaches, rock formations and natural erosion I build decorative organic forms using the coiling process.

I fell in love with clay the first time I played with it at school.  After many decades I was introduced to Raku and smoke firing and I knew that fire was the way to go.

On my return to Scotland after 14 years in Luxembourg I joined the Edinburgh Design School where I took part in hand building and smoke firing workshops with Nancy Fuller and Mella Shaw.

In the first lockdown I had the luxury of working full time at home.  Building in stoneware I developed my organic style. Experimenting with smoke firing techniques, using different combustibles and oxides I revel in the variety of colour and textures that can be achieved.

Once fired the forms are fired again in a barrel using sawdust using sawdust and locally foraged driftwood, seaweed and coastal flora.

They are finally polished with beeswax to partially seal the still slightly porous body, to bring shine and to enhance the colours the fire and smoke have created.