Title: Isolation
Size: 26cm x 26cm
Medium: Etching (Edition of 30)

Price: £450 framed, £380 unframed.

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About the Artist

Ade Adesina, born in Nigeria 1980, is currently a full time printmaker who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previously studied printmaking at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen from 2008 graduating in 2012. Ade's work is a visual commentary around the ideas of ecology and our ever-changing world. He is fascinated by how the human footprint is affecting our planet. Our world is full of wonderful landscapes and Ade wishes to highlight the continual damage caused through things such as deforestation, the politics of energy consumption, and endangered wild species. He is a traditional printmaker, painter and sculptor. The artist combines cultures, producing work that makes people reflect on the past, present and the future.