Title: Ingress
Size: 60cm x 84cm
Medium: Mixed Media

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Margins – May 28th 2022

"Hot sun on the saltmarsh. Crusted, cracked, peeling cakes of mud. Scurvy grass and sea thrift. Gun metal grey clay smears the runnels and funnels and channels making islands and lagoons. Birds foot imprints skitter this shoreline, darting dragonflies. Lines of wooden stumps fetch out into the belly of the river, cockling and netting. A breach in the sea wall, the incoming sea seeps like spilt tea across a kitchen floor. A thrum of insects, the hum of traffic, mega pylons, the oil refinery’s intestinal tracts edge the land, wild, dystopic, a marginal co-existence. The tide is rising."

Dominique Cameron

Price: £1500

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About the Artist

Dominique Cameron RSW - Artist's Statement

As an artist my practice is rooted in landscape. I walk, draw, paint, write and film my encounters through the urban environment and the rural.

I grew up in the West country, a place of beauty, boredom and economic division. The most exciting thing for us as teenagers was the local disco on a Friday night and waiting for the Top 40 on a Sunday tea-time, trying to tape it on our mono tape recorders. This lack of adventure led to walking, away from home. There were particular routes I would take often, places I got to know in detail. It was a kind of ‘mapping’, charting the unknown parts of my surrounding landscape. To this day it is something I do on arrival in a new place, except now I make things that articulate what I find as artefact, as document as re-imagined memory of place. The teenage girl is still there, I can’t quite seem to shake her off, but its comforting to know I am still as curious and awkward and persistent.


1989-92 – Napier University, Edinburgh – B.A. Photography (Distinction).

2013-14 – Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee – MFA Art, Society and Publics.