Title: Freakshow 2
Size: 48cm x 80cm
Medium: Acrylic, Charcoal on Heavy Paper

Price: £1400

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About the Artist


Damian Tremlett originally trained in ceramics at Manchester Metropolitan University and Alfred University New York, gaining a 1st class degree. He exhibited internationally back in the early 00's and worked as a life drawing university tutor before starting his own business (Producing software for designing hospital operating rooms.) which he ran successfully for over a decade.

Damian returned to making art full time in 2019 and has since exhibited in galleries in Edinburgh and across Scotland. His work was selected for the 2021 SSA sculpture exhibition. He also exhibited in the south of England, winning second place in the 2021 Artist's Lounge 'in the history' exhibition. He has also completed and continues to work on private commissions.


Damian's art has been classified as surrealist, the content is inspired by a spiritual journey and includes components of religious iconography, often with a hint of humour. His work sees life as a beautiful - crazy circus where everything’s in perpetual motion. It's the deep appreciation of this ridiculous, sublime, and sometimes lonely circus that fuels creative expression.