Title: City by the Sea
Size: 32cm x 21cm (h)
Medium: Mixed media sculpture made from driftwood and "found items".


About the Artist

Graduated in Design and Craft from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen in 1987. Cool, clever and quirky... Shaun's sculpture always raises a smile.

Artist Statement:
I began experimenting with driftwood and found objects whilst on holiday in the Shetland Isles in 2010 and quickly grew to love the freedom and simplicity that this way of working afforded me. I try, where possible, to keep cutting to a minimum as I prefer to let the wood suggest an idea rather than change something to suit. I feel that this gives my work a greater purity and it ensures that no two pieces are ever the same. This in turn means that the mood of the pieces is dictated by what I find with some pieces being humorous whereas others suggest a more lyrical, atmospheric imagery. The possibilities for developing this work further are endless and I have plans to incorporate photographic elements and construct larger pieces as installations. Beach-combing has now become my new obsession and I am forever on the lookout for an interesting piece of rusty metal or discarded washer and never happier than when I find a beautifully weathered piece of wood.
In addition to my sculptures I also work as a designer and illustrator for various publishing and design companies and as an arts worker running workshops in and around Glasgow.