Title: Jar H, 3
Size: 11.5cm diameter x 11.5cm height (approx)
Medium: Raku fired Ashraf Hanna Clay


About the Artist

Chris is an Edinburgh based ceramicist and painter, an avid traveller and Qigong teacher.

Chris started his first pottery in Scotland in 1970 having studied art and architecture at Kingston College of Art and later Edinburgh University.

He previously worked as a conservation Architect with involvement involved in projects at many of Scotland’s most iconic historic buildings.

His fascination with Raku, sawdust and pit-firing started in the mid 1990’s and has recently been re-kindled whilst exploring Raku fired hand-built and thrown forms.

The turquoise wheel thrown pieces are fired in a small Raku kiln and cured in sawdust or seaweed to produce the dark unglazed bases.

NB Neither Raku or pit-fired pieces are suitable for use with food.