Title: Chloe (2017)
Size: Height 46cm
Medium: Limestone

Price: £1200

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About the Artist

Alejandro Lopez

Artist's Statement

Alejandro Lopez is interested in Figurative Art.  He experiments with different approaches to the Human Figure using a variety of materials; ceramic, cement, wood, stone, metals, resin and a combination of them where ever they are valid.

Curriculum Vitae

Hector Alejandro Lopez Saldana

Date of Birth:   5 May 1960

Place of Birth: Temuco, Chile

Education:       1995-1996 Art History in Europe, Edinburgh University

1986-1990       School of Fine Art, Neuquen, Argentina

Qualification:   Magisterio Artes Visuales

Work Media:   Stone, Wood, Metal, Resin, Clay, Plaster, Cement, Wax


2018    'Diverse Views' with J Fowler, M Boyd, LRoberts at Coburg House Gallery

2017    'Chiselled' with ESW Members, RGI Kelly Gallery

2016    Scottish Art Club with Kjersti Sletteland, 24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh

2016    Colaborative Exhibition with ESW Artists, Manchester

2015    Snetha Gallery, Athens, Greece

2006    With Arran Ross, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

2005    With Zigi Sapietis, Dalkeith Arts Centre, Dalkeith

1999    'On the Wall', The Scotch House Gallery, Edinburgh

1998    Collective Exhibition (installation), Centro Cultural, Paredes de Coura, Portugal

1997    2da Feria International of Art, Neuquen, Argentina

Summer Exhibition, Aldridge Gallery, Edinburgh

1996    Leith Gallery, Edinburgh

1995    Summer Exhibition, Judith Glue Gallery, Edinburgh

1994    Festival Exhibition, Hanover Fine Art Gallery, Edinburgh

1993    Christmas Exhibition, Hanover Fine Art Gallery, Edinburgh

1992    With Luis Pinilla at Hotel Provincial, Catamarca. Argentina

1991    Collective Exhibition of the Association de Artistas Plasticos, Museum of   Neuquen, Argentina

Work Experience

2006-2016 - Wood Carving Tuition, ESW

2006-2019 - Stone Carving Tuition, ESW

2009 - Restoration of Robert Burns Monument, Regent Road, Edinburgh

Architect Thomas Hamilton, Sculptor Flaxman (stone carving)

2001-2006 - Various Courses Tutor at ESW

2000-2001 - Stone Carving Commission, Kirkliston, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Green Belt Trust)

1998-1999 - Various Courses at ESW

1998 - 'Four Nations Panel' on theme of Europe and Zeus, (30 sq metres) Paredes de Coura, Portugal

1996 - Stone Carving Commission, Edinburgh

1995-1996 - Stone Conservation and Restoration, Jenners Building, Princes Street, Edinburgh

1995 - Stone Conservation in National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

1993 - Assistant for the restoration of the monuments to:

Eva Peron and Juan Peron, for the Union Obreros de la Construccion, Neuquen, Argentina

1992 - Restoration of the monument to E Tornquist, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

1989 -  Assistant on the monument to the Birth of the City of Neuquen, Central Park, Neuquen           

Sculptor: Jorge Michelotti

1989-93 - Studio Assistant to Jorge Michelotti, Argentina


1999    Royal Glasgow Institute (selected)

1992    62nd Salon Regional de Arte de Bahia Blanca, Argentina (selected)


My work is in private collections in South America and Europe.  (Chile and Argentina and Greece, England, Scotland, Portugal and Spain.)

I have a public monument in Kirkliston, Norman style Arch.

I have worked as an assistant on different public monuments in South America (Birth of the City of Neuquen, sculptor, Jorge Michelotti).