Title: Winter Sun
Size: 56cm x 39cm
Medium: Oil on Reclaimed Ply

Price: £950

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About the Artist

Ali Scott


I’m a Scottish artist. Born in 1967 in Edinburgh, I trained at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a BA(hons) degree in illustration and animation, and a post-grad Diploma (with distinction) in illustration.

I worked as an illustrator for over 15 years with regular clients including Scotland on Sunday, The Scotsman, The Guardian, Standard Life and Booktrust Scotland, but always worked on personal projects alongside my commercial art. Initially my own work was mainly in 3D using pulp paper mache, but it was after taking time out to (literally) build our own house, that I started painting, and now paint full time. I was painting directly onto wood offcuts from the build, which seemed appropriate emotionally for my subject matter at the time. This repurposing has become an important part of the layering within my work.

I now make paintings, collage and drawings, in oil, ink and mixed media, working from my studio in Edinburgh, and showing around Scotland and the UK.

Artist Statement

My current work is a quiet reflection on the idea of presence and absence, experienced through loss, aging and fading memory. The paintings are, in a way, portraits of my parents. But the painting process has also helped me acknowledge my own loss, fears and feelings.

I use familiar everyday objects in my work that suggest routine or habit, particularly cups of tea which are synonymous with my parents and have always punctuated their (and my) daily life! These simple objects trigger memories and connections for me, which can, in turn, be both emotive and comforting.

The routines, patterns or objects fade as memory fades or they, or we, age. The use of shadows in my work is also to suggest age, time passing or an unseen presence. They also represent the past with all its memories and histories.

I’ve tried to convey the idea of being ’in the moment’, as we are when memory fades- with the past and future becoming unsure, we are left in the present moment. But overall, I hope to create a sense of calm and stillness in that moment. A place to reflect but hopefully with a sense of comfort and contentment.