Title: Design Exercise 7/22
Size: 142cm x 40cm x 13cm
Medium: Mixed media, Polystyrene & Paint

Additional Information
Inspired piece: Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005), Design Exercise (about 1950), Ink on Paper, 55.8cm x 37.8cm

Link here to the piece in the National Galleries of Scotland collection.

"Every so often I find myself in Modern 2, standing transfixed gazing into the Paolozzi studio. Imagining him sitting amongst his vast array of casts working on his latest idea. I return to my own studio, in awe of this man's work and sit amongst my own modest array of maquettes for public projects and half finished sculptures – started with every good intention!

The invitation to exhibit at Fidra was a push I was seriously needing! Searching through the SNG image archive I happened across these quick sketchy ink drawings by Paolozzi - I had not seen these before. They took me back to drawings I had produced myself for my 1985 degree show at ECA. Using a Chinese calligraphy brush: Mao bi or "hairy brush" as it translates. I wonder if this may have been what the Paolozzi used - he might have used a felt-tip pen? This isn't really relevant, but I just like to imagine... Poalozzi's drawings took me back to a time when I made a very different type of sculpture to that of my public art works.

The drawings inspired this latest piece. A 3 dimensional interpretation of a small section of his drawing - I wonder what Paolozzi would think? I wonder how long he took to do his drawing? I suspect it was completed more quickly than my sculpture!" Ailsa Magnus

Price: £2175

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About the Artist

Ailsa Magnus graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1989. After completing postgraduate studies at Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon's University, Aberdeen, she spent 4 years at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. During this time she concentrated on exhibiting and building on her skills, developing a portfolio of work.

Since 1994, Ailsa has established a solid reputation in public art. In addition to carved wood and stone sculptures, her public commissions across Scotland, Northern England, London and Wales and Scotland have included carved brick relief walls, cast relief floor-scapes and decorative paving. Her most recent works have been cast in iron both free-standing and ground based.
In 2010 she became a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.
When I have the opportunity I like to take some time out to develop my more personal portfolio of works. The resulting works are inspired by ancient artefacts observed and studied over the years. I am influenced by early man's desire to decorate and enhance the surface of objects from cup and ring markings, standing stones, stone-age tools to early bronze implements. The iconic nature of these archaeological finds stays with me, through making with my own hands I carry on the tradition that has inspired me from early archaeology, the astounding development of man's ability to create by hand. The current body of work developing in the studio, some of which is shown here, also reflects the desire to order and arrange for display.